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Major Incident Response Team

The Major Incident Response Team (otherwise referred to as M.I.R.T.) provides staffing and logistical support, upon request, to meet the immediate requirements of an emergency situation when the resources of the requesting police department are not sufficient to cope with the emergency situation. M.I.R.T. offers uniformity, manpower, specialized training, and experience. It is available to all county law enforcement agencies through the Police Chiefs Association's Mutual Aid Plan. M.I.R.T. can be applied in the following situations:


  • Pre-Planned Event Response (Dignitary Visits and Major Events)

    • Traffic, Crowd, and Perimeter Control

    • Site Security

    • Uniformed Presence

    • Immediate Disturbance Response​

  • Disaster/Crime Scene Security

    • Long-term Securement of Scenes

    • Large-scale Securement of Scenes

    • Immediate Aid to Displaced Residents

  • Crowd Control

  • Riot Control

  • Homeland Security Emergencies


Specialized Training of M.I.R.T. Officers: 

  • Constitutional Requirements

  • Crowd Control

  • Riot Control

  • Rescue and Arrest Technique

  • W.M.D. Operations

  • Level "C" Operations

  • Railroad Emergency Operations

  • Lifestyle Management

  • ​Bike Response Team

  • Field Force Extrication

  • ​Chemical, Ordinance, Biological and Radiological Training​


Notable M.I.R.T. Incidents and Planned Events: 

  • President Obama Visit, 2008

  • Senator McCain Visit, 2008

  • ​World Series, 2008

  • ​Papal Visit, 2015

  • ​Presidential Candidates 2016

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